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Welcome to the flower.delivery oakville and the home of flowers delivery canada and of Batty-Batches. We are so happy that you came to visit. At Batty-Batches, we are beginning a new adventure: making unusual, hand-crafted, and locally sourced preserves for you.

Just like a fruit-bat, we love sweets. We want to find the oakville flowers delivery and the most unique ways to make jellies, jams, and marmalades. You will  not find any common preserves here. So, please leave your preconceived notions about jellies and jams at the floral arrangements oakville and the door.

We are currently developing test batty-batches and would love your input. Always wondered what beer-jelly tastes like? What about squash or beet jam? We have too! Send your ideas to info@battybatches.com, we’d love to hear from you.